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Mommy's Helper

We understand cleaning is the last thing you want to do, but always a thought when it comes to your little ones. At PNW cleaning, we bring back quality time with the family without the clutter. A mommy helper will do your daily chores, and will help the maintenance cleaners clean with a clear space.

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Holiday Set up and tear down

Excited for the holidays? Us too! PNW Cleaning will prepare your home for the holidays so you don't have to. Call in advance to schedule, including celebration events.

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Marble Surface

Attic and Garage Cleaning

Let's take the clutter out! 

Attics and garages are well known for being "A Hoarders Den". With PNW Cleaning, we sift through all the clutter and help you clear out what you want to throw out, (Can be taken to Donation Centers) and help organize what you want to keep. 

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Pantry and Closets

Pantry and closet clean outs are an essential part of keeping your home tidy as items can be misplaced and forgotten. PNW cleaning is here to help prevent that.

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Brand New Kitchen
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Kitchen Appliances

Large kitchen appliances are easily overlooked. PNW Cleaning will clean the inside of your large appliances.

Brand New Kitchen
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And many other Special Services. Contact us to learn more.

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